The city of Lagos Nigeria marks the spot where artist Emeka Ejechi PKA Hotyce was born. He grew up in Abuja constantly surrounded by strong music influences. Inspired by listening to the play lists of Dr Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Fela Kuti, Shola Amah and Shade Adu. Hotyce was exposed to various music genres early enough to develop music appreciation.

He started rapping in secondary school by rapping songs of his idols for his friends and family, which in turn led him to begin to write his own songs. After high school he went into the University of Abuja were he studied Economics.

Currently signed  to K2O Entertainment. Hotyce is rising up to be one of the finest Hip Hop artist in the entertainment industry. Visit his website for more:

Emeka Ejechi PKA Hotyce


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